our story

A lot of things happen over coffee, and thus BEAN MUG was born.
BEAN MUG is not just a coffee shop. It is second home to our customers, and we take great care to keep it that way. Our ambience is of great comfort and pleasing to the eyes. This is a place where people gather to drink great coffee, and think creative thoughts. Ideas are exchanged, and relationships are renewed.
We take no chances on your health and well-being. We employ the best equipment and highly experienced baristas in the coffee-making process. Our specially crafted beverages and chef-inspired tidbits are made with the best ingredients in a clean, sterile environment. Just like home-made food, they are made with love, served with love.

10:30 am - 12:00 Midnight

Fast Delivery

Order from the comfort of your home

Online Booking

Reserve your table without a hassle, from the comfort of your home.

Best Quality

Our beverages and snacks are made from best quality ingredients

Ingredient Supply

Our coffee is made from the finest coffee seeds procured from select destinations.

Event Booking

Come celebrate special occasions of your life with us.

Freshly Made

All items served are fresh and made using international standards of hygiene.

our team

meet our team

Fuwad Panangai


Dong Young Bae

Master Chef

Seungri Kown

Waiter Manager


2 billion cups of coffee drunk in the world everyday

22 varieties of coffee all over the world

Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world after water

35 % of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black.